Five Fun Finn Facts for Fans

Who out there would like to hear some fun facts about this pair? All of which are 100% true and not exaggerated for comedic purposes? Honest!

First up is Ciarán


  1. Ciarán’s first job was weighing and packing 7Ib bags of potatoes.
  2. He was drummer/singer in a heavy metal band called “Kingdom of mine”, possibly the best band that never really happened!
  3. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design (good with hands, bazinga!)
  4. He broke his right arm at age 7 and his teacher encouraged him to use his left hand for writing. Scholars maintain that this accounts for his ample dexterity with instruments.
  5. He spent hours on end creating pipe-cleaner men and animals as a child, like thousands… a whole army, and they are still there… waiting… ready.


Next up, Hugh!


  1. Hugh emigrated to Australia during the peak of the Irish recession, and brought back a digeridoo, which was great (said nobody ever!)
  2. Hugh recently placed #26 in a list of Laois’ Hottest men, which is a big deal… in Laois
  3. His first car was a metallic gold Toyota Starlet, same amazing memories made in that car, driving memories mostly.
  4. Although he was musical all of his life, he only took up the banjo at 17 years old which was (something, something, dark side) years ago. He’s oldish, but young. Probably the same age as Macaulay Culkin, maybe,
  5. He used to spend his evenings after school looking for stray golf-balls close to the nearby course. Then, ever industrious would sell them to the local golfers, which we’re not sure is totally legal… but hey…

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Barbara A Nickel says:

    Mmmmm very interesting stuff … kepp them coming … always a good reason to make me smile 😁 #lovenafianna #unearthed #therealfinns


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